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Author Topic: XS1100 Aftermarket Exhausts  (Read 39125 times)

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XS1100 Aftermarket Exhausts
« on: February 08, 2009, 09:13:03 PM »
All the original exhausts for the XS1100 are VERY expensive and impossible to source these days so here's a list of aftermarket exhausts for the XS1100.   Very few of these are still available new, this is a list of all the exhausts that have been made for the XS1100.

Please post any comments, corrections, more info or pics in this thread here - this post is locked to stop it getting huge !

Original Exhausts

The XS1100 range was originally built with one of two different types of exhaust ...

  • Standard models - 4 into 2 with long silencers (past rear axle) and a 2-piece, pressed steel, crossover box. This remained relatively unchanged for the life of the XS Range.

  • Special models - 4 into 2 with short, stubby silencers and a 2-piece, tubular, crossover pipe. (weighs 14kg)

    Special exhausts came in three different variations...
    SF model - Bright chrome system with integral silencers.
    SG model - Bright chrome system with removable silencers.
    LG model - Black chrome system with integral silencers, the "Sport" has a version of the LG system fitted as original equipment.

Aftermarket Exhausts


1980's offerings... All 4:1 pipes offered in bright/black chrome finish or black paint.  IIRC the baffle plate is held in by a single bolt/nut arrangement at the tail.  I also seem to remember them being bought out by Micron in the mid 80's...

I had a bright chrome one on a CB900F... It also fitted the 750KZ, 750F and 1100F (as I later discovered) so their tuning wasn't as model or cc specific as it might have been... :rolleyes: :rolleyes:
It basically pointed the hot gases in the right direction...

Seem to remember that it had a real good note over 4K rpm... :undecided:

I have an Alpha on a CB550 Honda, mines black chrome and extremely good quality kit, the Alpha on fleabay looks the same good quality. They don't seem to perform as good as Kerkers which have a refined sound and feel, more like a good Marshall. But still a good pipe :bowing: :bowing: :bowing:

The example shown in these pictures has the 'Alfa' sticker on the muffler positioned so that it looks as though the pipe should exit down the lefthand side (shaft drive side) of the bike and have the sticker visible when mounted, but it doesn't  :rolleyes:  the silencer mounts down the righthand (brake disc) side.
For some reason header pipes 1 & 2 have deeper collars than 3 & 4 so need longer bolts.
Oil filter & bolt can be removed with the exhaust fitted but not the oil drain bolt.
Main stand must be removed.
When fitted to an XS1100 special model the silencer must be mounted to the footrest by a short (approx 60mm) strap.


BSM (Sport)
4-2 The Sport version has upswept kinked silencers

Oct 2010 - Now Sold out (They were priced at 413 from David Silver).
Part Number YA1270

BSM (Standard)
Available from David Silver, price 413 (Feb 2009)
Part Number YA1268
Dieter said "The BSM exhaust system which is designed for the Standard models will grab you about 14BHP according a Dynojet test run at BSM/Holland."
Shappers said "it has a balance pipe, keeps the centre stand and still allows oil filter changes. 
It is very heavy walled tube and thick chrome so it should last a long time."
Harold said "They have a nice sound.....quieter than the Jardine 4 into 1 pipes but better sound than Yamaha mufflers."
                 pics courtesy of Harold

Campbell X-Pipe MX-Y1
from Campbell Exhausts, California

Manufactured in New Zealand.
Prices as at Jan 2010:
- full system, black painted NZD$595 (GBP273, USD$440)
- full system chrome NZD$890 (GBP408, USD$659)
Here's another one,  a cycleworks 4-1,  they're solid and well made,  a real performance pipe with the stainless canister,  instant bolt on horsepower on a stock XS11 even without rejetting.  Enough to make my previously solid clutch start slipping like crazy under heavy throttle.   Bump up the carbs main jets slightly and run a K&N filter for even more 'kick'

 These cycleworks guys are switched on and know the secrets of an efficient exhaust system.  Service while you wait, they build the whole 4-1 setup there and then in their workshop with 'punctilious exactitude',  meaning a perfect fit!  They have the XS11 pattern in their books (along with all the other old musclebikes).  About an hour or so later it's all done and bolted to your bike.

Formula 1
This was seen on Ebay Australia. 
Unfortunately, when contacted in Feb 2010, David Saunders from Formula 1 Motorcycle Exhausts stated that they do not provide an exhaust for the 1.1 Sport (aka 5K7 or RH) so this one must have been modified from another model.
"Definately one of our older mufflers, but someone has modified headers to suit.
We do make a full system for the XS1100(early model) but not the 1.1 The early one does not fit due to the sump being different on the1.1"

Rocker says "This was fitted in 1984 and is still going strong ,albeit with a slightly more ' fruity ' tone nowdays . The fit is good and things like wheel spindle etc are well accessible . The only thing it lacks is the reverse cone look of the original"

The Gazelle website says
A GAZELLE system is manufactured in non-magnetic Grade 304 Stainless Steel. Our systems can at any time be modified, altered or repaired if damaged, remember this cannot be done with chrome or lower grade stainless steel.

We use special stainless steel wool as a sound absorption material inside the silencers. This component will withstand temperatures of up to 800 degrees centigrade. Another advantage of using this type of wool, is that there is very little build up of carbon inside the silencers due to the vibrations of the engine pulses. All of this means that, under normal working conditions, the fibre wool will never need servicing or re-packing.

A Gazelle exhaust should last the lifetime of the bike . Our standard replacement and original replica systems retain the original appearance, allowing ready access to drain plugs and filters whilst maintaining clearance for the original stands.


Heinz Wyes
As at April 2010 these are still available from Heinz at 890 plus postage. 
It is a stainless steel exhaust made in Germany and advertised in the 'XS-Shop' on the XS1100 Freunde Rhein/Waal club website.
They are hand made so expect a lead time of 9 weeks.
This long silencer version is for the Standard models, 2H7 & 2H9.  Shorter length is for the Specials & Sport models.

For more details contact the manufacturer
Heinz Wyes
Telefon: 00492161-542427
Mobil: 0049162-3478506

Advertised on eBay as "fitting only an XS1100 Special will not fit Standard
Does not come with header flanges and spacers

Jardine 14-2403-01
Complete system, megaphone, chrome.
Fits Standard, Special and Maxim.

Jardine 14-2403-03
Complete system.  Black satin pipes with aluminium oval silencer.

Check out Denny Zander's article on 'Installing Black 4 into 1 Header and Muffler (Canister) on the standard'

MadMax-im reports Jardine has discontinued this exhaust.

Jardine 22-3153 8110BL
Complete system, black.
Fits Standard and Special.

Jardine 4-2 'Spaghetti'

(Pics courtesy of Gnepig)

Jardine Mufflers 14-2202-01
Flared ends, fits Standard and Special, does not fit Maxim

Light, free flowing, good throaty sound.  Some say it frees up more horsepower than the standard exhaust.

Kerker now owned by Supertrapp

Cyclewearables have replacement baffles and accessories.

Video of Kerker 4-1 (without baffle) from bikerphil posted on

You have to remove the exhaust to change the oil filter.


Plod says The lazer (now extinct) has five piece construction - the four downpipes having the same configuration as the Marshall which then fit to the tailpipe in the same fashion ,under the right hand side of the engine (centre-stand & filter/cooler pipework retained) - shorty straight tailpipe exits just below the rear footrest - baffle is removable

Mac 004-0301 - Megaphone
Advert says "High performance 4 into 1 exhaust systems with upswept megaphone features center stand retention, removable all steel baffle, improved ground clearance, easy access to oil filter and drain plug. High quality chrome.
Applications: XS1100 Standard and Special, XJ1100 Maxim. Does not fit models with factory oil cooler. Some 80 Models may require spacers be used on exhaust studs.

As at Nov 2009 these are still available from Mac Performance and cost $390.Also available from NicheCycle at $330.

Mac 004-0308 - Turn Outs
Advert says "XS 1100 Standard Special/XJ Maxim"

As at Nov 2009 these are still available from Mac Performance and cost $420.  Also available from NicheCycle at $350.

Advert says
M.A.C. Performance 4-2 Complete Exhaust System

    * Turnout mufflers with non removable baffles
    * Performance 4-2 head pipes
    * All needed additional hardware included
    * No permanent modifications to the bike are needed
    * High quality, very durable chrome
    * Awesome sound with improved performance
    * Retains access to all service points - No need to remove system for oil changes
    * Fits with even very large saddle bags

Applications: Yamaha XS1100 Standard and Special XJ1100 Maxim - All years
Appliaction Notes:  Will not fit models with a factory mounted oil cooler

Regarding the oil cooler and Mac exhausts, one of the fellows over here recently rescued an XS from dozens of boxes and when he showed the photos of the finished bike, it had a Mac 4-2 on it which aren't supposed to fit with an oil cooler, but he'd crossed the oil lines which gave the clearance for the pipes to fit.

Mac 403-0821 - Taper Tip

As at Nov 2009 these are still available from Mac Performance and cost $400. Also available from NicheCycle at $350.

Marshall Deeptone
Plus points:

They're designed to fit without jetting mods... Clears all the stands and drain bolts... Allows oil filter removal... Nice heavy gauge steel with deep chrome finish.

Minus points:

Single skinned headers tend to "blue" very quickly... The 4:1 silencer has internal baffles that tend to concentrate the heat in one or two places and these show up on the outside as yellow/blue areas...

No personal experience of ownership, but these are what I've spotted on other folks bikes... 

"It clears the oilfilter. No need to remove the exhaust for a filter change.
The rear axle can only be removed if you take out the rear shocks and lift up the wheel......
The headers get blue very fast and the collector where the headers unite, too.
Sound is not too loud, but gets louder over time, when the wool is burnt out.
Mine is at 118 db (officially measured)." Quote from SG-Olli on

Dieter says "The Marshall 4 into 1 works the best if you enlarge the inner hole in which is in the "inner damm" till it have the same diameter like the outlet hole. And another advantage is, that you'll never get this blue-yellow ring around the muffler."

I've got the Marshall fitted to mine, it was a good easy fit and has been on years and kept very well, although the front pipes bends have gone blue. I enlarged the hole in the "washer" slightly and it did sound a lot better but I found when at full throttle and flat out, it accelerated as you eased off slightly, so I went up a couple of sizes on the main jets and it was great after that.
Oil filter and center stand Ok and drain plug easy to get at.

Marshall is distributed through Laser Exhausts.  Their UK distributer is :
Name: Motrax Motorcycle Accessories Ltd.
Telephone: 44-19- 33418414

Marshall Deeptone
In my eyes the best replacement next to a factory set up. Don't have a clue why they stopped producing them  :huh:

Black chrome, Italian exhaust.

Silver chrome

(No XS1100 exhaust is listed on their website.)

Motad N-eta
Quote from: Brian
Although it looks good and lasts well, this exhaust can't really have been manufactured for the XS1100; it must be for another bike 'cos the only way I could fit this was by grinding the centre stand bolt tabs off of the frame.  :-(

This exhaust runs fine as a straight swap for the original exhaust, runs with standard jets, no difference in performance.

Motad AS235 Universal Silencer
Motad say "A stainless steel road legal silencer with fully designed reflective baffle internals (not a simple perforated tube and filling).
Will fit 35-38 mm downpipes and is supplied with mounting bracketry that can be adapted/cut to suit many applications.
Miti Says "The Motad silencers are about 5mm narrower than the Yamaha originals (at the widest point) and have slightly larger exhaust outlets. They also come in a larger inlet diameter (AS241) but, from measuring the SF collector outlet, I estimate the AS235 to be about right"

Pics show a Motad AS235 compared to an original SF exhaust and are courtesy of MitiWeb

Motad M11Y
Motad needs no rejetting 
You can retain the centre stand and oil cooler
Some say the silencer (especially for standard) is orrid !!
Lots of reports of motad headers cracking around the flanges, if yours has check out this post

As at Nov 2009 these are still available from Motad priced at 252.00 .. excluding VAT & delivery

Custom made stainless exhausts
Their website says "Each stainless steel exhaust system and silencer is supplied with a 10 year fit-for-purpose warranty.
All products supplied are road legal and stamped BSAU 193

Australian stainless steel exhaust manufacturer
Their website says ...
"XS1100 Replica muffler with balance pipe , no box - AUS $670pr
XS1100 Replica engine pipe with collectors - AUS $790set

Photo's courtesy of Phil 'Exs1.1', read his bike build thread here.

Fairly restrictive, Carbs need rejetting.

AussieXS11G says "a 4-2-1 system purpose made by the then Rennsport in Brisvagis (Brisbane, Australia) to what i was told was a Dutch design
the company went on to become Formula 1 exhausts I beleive
the system will scrape when touring (loaded)"

Lucrezia on the dyno
<a href="" target="_blank" class="new_win"></a>

Russ Collins
Can remove the oil filter cover with the exhaust in place.

Russ Collins
Short history of RC here
Photo's courtesy of Schming on

eBay advert said "XS 1100 Special and Maxim S&S exhaust, four into one, chrome. Fits years 1979-1982. USA made product, by S & S. Part#Y-111, 112, 113, 114.  megaphone end, removable baffle with phillips head screw."

Another eBay ad said "... fits pre oil cooler models, ... comes apart in 5 pieces."

Crazcnuk says "mufflers looks just like the 4-1 S&S, but without the 4 pipe joiner......looks essentially like stock headpipes with 2 mufflers the same shape and style as the single muffler .... S&S decals on the mufflers."

Stainless Steel, weighs 8.8kg (inc silencer)
Has "Scheibel 4/1 Boysen 45.1-01208.06 02 83 Type KBA 21021" marked on it.
<a href="" target="_blank" class="new_win"></a>

The Sebring Auspuff pipe for the XS1100 came in (at least) 3 variants... and two different finishes...  However, they were all intended for the 2H9 models, not the Sport...

I had a black chome version, RHS exit with gold "endurance" can (no tail pipe).  It had double-skinned headers and was REALLY well made.  To get it to fit the Sport, I had to remove the two frame brace brackets from the lower frame rails and make up a new (longer) bracket to secure the can to the footrest hanger.


I got my Sebring from HRS in Bristol (1997) and when it came it was supplied with a lovely megaphone style silencer, but this fitted so close to the swing-arm  and rear tyre that I had to surmise that it wasn't for an XS11... :undecided:

HRS sent a replacement endurance can and that fitted much better.  I ran the bike like that for about 9 years and the exhaust was still like new (well, nearly...)

So, great zorsts if you can find one, but probably thin on the ground now... I sold mine on a couple or three years ago... Think I got 60 for it... :rolleyes:


Here is the Sebring Installation Guide - clicky

Imported to the UK by Moto.GB Distribution Although when contacted in October 2012 they said that they didn't have any Sito exhausts listed for the XS1100.

Looks like there are two models of silencer, 2041 and 1314


Dieter says "The Supertrapp is no more available as new from Kerker/Supertrapp  :cry: cause it works REALLY good."

<a href="" target="_blank" class="new_win"></a>

Petejw1966 says "I'm really impressed with this set up, its a 4-2-1, the headers
and the secondary pipes are all equal in length before it runs into the muffler,
the muffler is baffled with no restriction.
The pipes are of a strong construction.
The only info I could find was that Tranzac was an Australian Company based in
Queensland, they did have a web site but it's no longer available."

Tranzac Motorcycle Exhausts
1117 Beenleigh Redland Bay Rd
QLD, 4130

(07) 3206 8354

Barberad says on "Back in Japan, If you didn't have yoshimura pipes, you were lagging. The Ipod of exhaust sytems. The sound is awesome, you will not be disapointed. Besides, back in the day they were alot more expensive, so they must be better, right?"

Video courtesy of T99Ford

Click for video
Pics courtesy of Rasputin

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