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Author Topic: Printable Gasket Template Library  (Read 7389 times)

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Printable Gasket Template Library
« on: November 10, 2008, 01:58:56 PM »
Here's the complete library of XS1100 gasket printable templates.

Please post any comments, corrections, more info or pics in this thread here - this post is locked to stop it getting huge !

Note that these images are copywrite XS1100UK.  Permission is hereby given for private, non-profit use.  Commercial usage is expressly forbidden.

Part Number
(click for detailed info)
Link to Gasket Template
2H7-15456-00-00Breaker Cover (aka Pickup Coil Cover)
2H7-11169-00-00Breather Cover
2A2-14984-01-00Carburettor Float Chamber (1978-1979)
3F7-14984-00-00Carburettor Float Chamber (1980+)
2H7-12213-00-00Camchain Tensioner Housing
2H7-15451-00-00Clutch Cover (Part 1)
2H7-15451-00-00Clutch Cover (Part 2)
2H7-15461-00-00Crankcase Cover 2 (aka Gear Shift Cover)
2H7-11351-01-00Cylinder (Part 1)
2H7-11351-01-00Cylinder (Part 2)
2H7-11181-02-00Cylinder Head (Part 1)
2H7-11181-02-00Cylinder Head (Part 2)
2H7-11181-02-00Cylinder Head (.DXF file in AutoCAD Drawing Interchange Format)
2H7-11193-00-00Cylinder Head Cover (Part 1)
2H7-11193-00-00Cylinder Head Cover (Part 2)
2H7-85753-00-00Fuel Tank Sender
2H7-15455-00-00Generator Cover
10M-13556-00-00Manifold (Carb Rubber to Cyl Head)
1J7-17518-00-00Middle Gear Case (Template 1) or Middle Gear Case (Template 2)
1J7-17519-10-00Middle Gear Cap
371-81844-20-00 Starter Motor
2H7-13414-00-00 Strainer Cover (aka Sump, aka Oil Pan) (Part 1)
2H7-13414-00-00 Strainer Cover (aka Sump, aka Oil Pan) (Part 2)


- Click on the name of the Template you want
- Right-click on the picture and "Save Picture As" to your PC
- Open up the picture using Microsoft Paint on your PC
- If it's a single page gasket just select File > Print

- If you're doing a multi page Gasket then tell MS Paint we just want this printing 'as it is' by
  selecting File > Page Setup then...
     - Set all all Page Margins to 0
     - Untick Centering Horizontal and Centering Vertical  
     - Make sure that Scaling is set to 100%
     - Click 'OK'
     - Select File > Print

I would suggest that you first check that your printer has not adjusted the size of the Template by doing a test print and comparing the printed axis with a ruler.  

Small (one page) gaskets can be printed directly onto gasket paper.  :yipee:  For larger, two page gaskets first cut off the white border that your printer has left then overlap the two pictures. Stick these to your gasket paper as a cutting guide.
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